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Frame Wire Mesh Fence

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Frame Wire Mesh Fence information

Frame Wire Mesh Fence, also known as the "frame type anti climbing welded mesh", "frame isolation grid" and so on. It is a kind of flexible assembly products, widely used in China's highway, railway, highway, etc.; can make a permanent net wall, and may be used as a temporary isolation network, just using different column fixation can be achieved.

Frame Wire Mesh Fence uses a wide range of popular than general fence high column can be can be processed into a mobile form, convenient user use in different occasions. In addition, frame fence anti shock performance is very good, compared to general fence ability to withstand increased one times.

Frame Wire Mesh Fence products advantages: beautiful, durable, non deformation, installation fast, is a more ideal metal wall, the industry has been widely used. Strong corrosion resistance, low cost.

Frame Wire Mesh Fence uses high-quality wire rod as raw material, through galvanized, painting primer before and high adhesion powder spraying three layers of protection of welded mesh, with falling into anti-corrosion, anti UV properties. In the fence for the surface treatment of zinc and spraying, or alternatively, the top covered with a plastic lid or rain hat. According to the environment and installation method is different, can choose to embed 50cm, plus base, etc..

Size (mm) ( W x H )Weight (kg/pc)QTY/40GP
2000 x 120012.51140
2000 x 150014.8855
2000 x 180017.1730

Frame Wire Mesh FenceFrame Wire Mesh FenceFrame Wire Mesh FenceFrame Wire Mesh Fence