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coil nails

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coil nails information

Coil nail is arranged by a group of the same shape isometric several single nail and the connecting piece component, the connecting piece can be for copper wire, connector in the beta angle direction and the nail rod center line, connected with the nail, the nail series together, then rolled into a roll.

Coil nail application: suitable for soft wood, bamboo, plastic device wall, foundry, furniture, packaging boxes and other repair system. Widely used in construction, decoration, decoration, decoration industry.

Steel nail characteristics: the design is novel, unique, with the efficacy of fast, engineering quality is good, the application of a wide range of features, is the ideal replacement of ordinary round nail products.

Purpose: furniture making, sofa, wooden box, and all kinds of wooden products.

K nails, nails, N nails use: furniture manufacturing industry for sofa chairs, sand release and leather. The decoration industry is used in the ceiling, the thin plate, and so on.

Cement steel nail

In the shape of a round nail is very similar, the head slightly thicker. But the cement steel nail is made of high quality steel, has the advantages of hard, bending, can be directly nailed into the concrete and brick walls. Common specifications have 7~35mm.

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