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Fiberglass mesh

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Fiberglass mesh information

Fiber glass mesh is mainly alkali-resistant fiberglass fabric, it use the C /E glass fiber yarn (main ingredient is a silicate, good chemical stability) through a special weaving technique, then by the antialkali and reinforcing agent etc high temperature heat finishing treatments. It’s ideal engineering material in construction and decoration industry!


1. Wall reinforced material (such as fiberglass wall mesh, GRC wall panels, EPS insulation with the wall board, gypsum board, bitumen etc)

2. Reinforced cement products.

3. Used for Granite, mosaic, marble back mesh etc.

4. Fabric waterproof membrane, asphalt roofing.

5. Framework material for einforced plastics, rubber products,.

6. Fire board.

7. Grinding wheel base fabric.

8. Road surface with geogrid

9. Construction caulking tape etc.


1. 5x5 mesh, 4x4 mesh

2. Weight/sq.meter: 75g—160g

3. Each roll length: 50m-200m

4. Width: 100cm

5. Color: White (standard) blue, green, orange, yellow and others.

6. We can produce many specifications and use different packaging according to customers’ requests!

Inner packing: shrink film packing one roll ,then 30 to 60 rolls/pallet or 4 rolls/carton

Product name

Fiberglass mesh


White or other color

Mesh size









Pt C- glass fiber


Acrylic emulsion


1> Wall reinforcing material; 2> Reinforced cement products; 3> Granite, mosaic dedicated mesh, marble backing mesh; 4> Waterproofing membrane cloth, asphalt roofing; 5> Reinforced plastics, rubber reinforcing materials; 6> Firewood; 7> Wheel fabric; 8> Highway pavement with geogrid; 9> Building caulking tape and other aspects.

Main Performance

Good alkali resistance; The best ingredients; Good stability; Construction and high efficiency.


PVC packaging, then 4 ~ 6 rolls into carton, or 16 ~ 36 rolls into the tray; last into the containers

Special Note

If you have special packaging and special specifications, we can produce for you.

Fiberglass meshFiberglass meshFiberglass meshFiberglass mesh